We Believe In Sea Moss That Tastes Incredible

Sea Moss dived for from the seas of St. Lucia, made with 100% Organic Fruits, Purposeful Teas, and Alkaline Water.

Fresh made-to-order in WA, USA, in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Honey Chamomile Lavender

The perfect sea moss gel to add to a nice warm cup of chamomile lavender tea.


This mango sea moss carries light notes of safflower, passion fruit, and cinnamon. Eat it by the spoonful Or blend into a smoothie!

Hibiscus Heaven

This beautifully fragrant, tangy and sweet Hibiscus tea infused sea moss gel is packed with antioxidants. This versatile gel can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Our Story

Tea Moss Shop was birthed from the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic and the need to create an immune system-boosting foundation for family and community. The idea of herbs and immune-boosting plant-based nutrition isn’t a new concept, but for many, Sea Moss is foreign food.

In the Caribbean and across the ocean it is a food and drink staple that contains approximately 92 vitamins and minerals our bodies need. It became my mission to create products that are delicious and palatable using ingredients that are simple and whole.

Our tea and fruit infusions are created from a base of Jamaican and St. Lucian Purple and Wild Crafted Golden Sea Moss. Our suppliers dive into the ocean and harvest our Sea Moss with care, roots attached to ensure the integrity of our products are never in question.  We look forward to growing with you and providing the tools for a healthy lifestyle for you and your family for generations to come!


All of our fruits are sourced from organic farms and rinsed of any impurities with alkaline water.

Well Steeped teas

To draw the most benefits and strongest flavors from our tea selection we steep them for hours! This process gives us rich Chai, beautifully pigmented Hibiscus, and potent Chamomile Lavender teas.

The Best tasting Sea Moss

in Town

Organic ingredients


Quality sea moss

Perfect Blend