Lemon Immunity Booster Gel


Lemon, Ginger, Hot Honey Infused Gold Sea Moss Gel



Can we say detoxify and boost your immune system in one shot! We infuse our Wild Crafted Sea Moss with Fresh Organic Lemons, Organic Ginger, and a touch of Spicy Raw Honey. It’s marvelous! Blend it into a glass of lemonade, or add it to your hot tea and prepare yourself for the ultimate yum!

  • Packed with 92 immune-boosting minerals. 
  • Fragrant and aromatic for a rejuvenating pick me up! 
  • This Sea Moss Gel infusion is perfect for your daily dose of alkaline, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will have you ready to take on the world!

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Fruit Infused

16oz, 24oz, 8oz


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